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Basal Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with Lacey Newday Consulting

Houston, TX: Basal Solutions LLC has announced a new strategic partnership with Lacey Newday Consulting. Lacey Newday Consulting, LLC, a fellow Houston-based company, is a minority-owned firm with extensive experience in the health, welfare and actuarial industry. Basal Solutions provides over 20 years of experience in developing sound business, engineering processes and IT management.

Of the company‚Äôs new strategic partnership, Basal Solutions managing partner Branden Morris said, “We are very excited to partner with an experienced company in Lacey Newday Consulting. Our clients will gain tremendous value through this partnership”

This partnership allows Basal Solutions to offer additional services including assurance accounting, defined benefit actuarial services, employee benefits packages, financial operations solutions, forensics and valuation assessments, health and welfare specialty services, healthcare benefit plans, and quality assurance/quality control.

About Basal Solutions LLC: Basal Solutions LLC is a business consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2014, Basal Solutions offers consulting services in business, engineering, information technology, Lean Six Sigma, and marketing. Basal Solutions can be found online at basalsolutionsllc.com

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